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RF 60-20
[video preview image: RF 60-20]

Box wrapping line with drawer system.
H up to 60cm cross H40 cm
Minimum measures 10x10 cm maximum 80x60 cm
RF 2013
[video preview image: RF 2013]
RF 2013 2-corner die-cutting machine
NEW: RF 2013 Two-corner die-cutting machine
[video preview image:  NEW: RF 2013 Two-corner die-cutting machine]
Traditional Notching

Die-cutting with 2 corners
*American die cutting, 510x250
*Italian die cutting, 710x250

Substitutes cutting dies measuring up to 45 mm in width
Wrapping line for large boxes
[video preview image: Wrapping line for large boxes]
Automatic for the standard size of 700x500x150
or according to customer specifications
Continuous rebeading machine
[video preview image: Continuous rebeading machine]
Laminating and rebeading machine for thick cardboard for the size 830x1300
Modified quadrangular die-cutting machine
[video preview image: Modified quadrangular die-cutting machine]
Transformed from Mechanical to Electronic
Laminator machine 1040x1440
[video preview image: Laminator machine 1040x1440]
Laminator machine 1040x1440
Laminating machine 830x1300
[video preview image: Laminating machine 830x1300]
Laminating machine for large sizes 830x1300
Automatic with pallet standing at a height of 1500
Production line for small boxes with traditional gripper
[video preview image: Production line for small boxes with traditional gripper]
Edge-folding machine, H150
[video preview image: Edge-folding machine, H150]
edge folding machines for installation on existing conveyor belts
Press machine with Centering device
[video preview image:  Press machine with Centering device ]
Embossing machine, either automatic or with print reader and consequent print adjustment device, or pressing only
total pressure, 5 tons
Manual edge-folding machine
[video preview image: Manual edge-folding machine]
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